Who we serve 

Our Focus

Scissortail’s primary focus is to increase the vitality of distressed, low-income neighborhoods.  

In collaboration with other CDCs or non-profits whose missions are complementary, Scissortail will extend our reach and outreach.  

Community Economic Development & Workforce Development

Community Economic Development.  Strategies aim at improving the ability of communities and individuals to increase asset ownership, anchors jobs locally, strengthens the municipal tax base, prevents resources from “leaking” out of the community and ensures local economic stability. 

After engaging the community in the economic development process, Scissortail is: 

  • Locating specific business development projects and funding sources.  
  • Promoting commercial revitalization projects – such as light industrial, retail, or mixed use.

Workforce Development.  Trained, skilled labor leads to increased income for workers.  Scissortail will utilize a multi-faceted approach.  After meeting with community leaders, civic organizations, schools, and city planners we are moving to: 

Assist in identifying, creating, recruiting, or retaining businesses and industries. 

Strengthen the capacity of individuals to secure employment, re-enter the workforce, and remain employed. 

Support schools and businesses willing to prepare individuals to enter the workforce.

Establish linkages with the private sector and employment agencies to identify local market job needs.  

Housing and Commercial Facilities

Scissortail is working on building quality, affordable housing, residential complexes, and commercial facilities.  At the same time, we are bringing together diverse financial and community resources.  

The housing effort encompasses providing quality, affordable homes for first-time home owners and those living in unsafe housing.  The construction of residential complexes, operated for families and senior citizens will be a source of jobs.  As the need develops, construction will expand schools, shopping centers, municipal facilities – all focused on creating well-paying jobs, while revitalizing the community.  

Scissortail develops innovative projects, with a lasting positive social impact.  Among them:

  • Affordable housing for low-income families and senior citizens.
  • Mixed-use developments that maximize community assets.
  • Commercial, industrial and retail projects that creates quality jobs and services.
  • Support cities, counties and other municipal agencies to leverage assets.

Healthcare Services

Many individuals or families do not have the financial resources to access healthcare.  Through partnerships and collaboration with existing Federally-qualified Health Centers, Scissortail will provide funding, equipment or facilities to these non-profits.

Scissortail does not plan to duplicate health services offered by others.  Instead, we link with organizations already providing health care in the communities served by Scissortail.  In addition, we:

  • Offer access to health insurance through a private insurance exchange.
  • Support public and private efforts to meet the needs of those lacking health insurance.
  • Collaborate with the community to advance health care effectiveness and quality.